VDM – Like a Cowpie

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That’s right – it’s warm, fresh and it sticks – exactly what you want in a marketing strategy!

Variable Data Marketing is customer relationship management at its best. -By accessing data already stored in customer databases, companies like yours can delivery highly relevant messages on a one-to-one basis. VDM offers a way to custom-tailor communications to a specific individual. You’ve had your potential customer’s name for years – start using it. Here’s how it works:

Customer Data – from customer databases, marketing databases, call center interactions, website forms
Creative Content – images, text blocks, headlines
Variable Diagram – a template that allows for insertion of variable data.
Rendering Engine – Uses business rules to integrate customer data and creative content into a variable diagram.

Because it is data driven, results are accurately collected and measured. More importantly, data compiled with each successive customer contact allows companies to further improve the relevancy of marketing messages over time.

Finding the most effective ways to use variable data marketing often requires marketers to rethink how they communicate with customers. That’s why it’s important to have a good partner. Applications can include direct mail, packaging, signage, statements, sales collateral, newsletters, catalogs, membership kits – and that’s just getting started.

You can even offer a PURL (personal URL) in your direct mail piece that includes your customer’s name in the address that will direct them to a customized website that will not only collect information, but offer products customized to their preferences.

Research has shown that customized communications can significantly increase response to lead generation, loyalty, traffic generation and fundraising campaigns. What’s more, personalized info kits, sales collateral and dealer- or market-specific collateral are not only more relevant and easier for customers to understand, but they also reduce waste.

Variable data is also moving into areas such as promotional materials, point-of-purchase signage and even packaging. Can you imagine your picture on the Wheaties box? It’s all possible with variable data technology.

Call our marketing group for help in launching your direct mail campaign using VDM and see how print and web integration can punch up your response and ROI.