Sometimes It’s NOT All About Communication

Seems like a strange thing to say for a company that does nothing but specialize in communication devices and strategies, but the facts are undeniable and the 2010 mid-term elections point up this truth.

Democrats, according to the New York Times, outspent their Republican counterparts by some 30% and yet could not stop the tide of discontent that swept the nation, gave the House to the Republicans and severely cut into the Democrat advantage in the Senate.

This is not a political observation of those events, but an application for your business: If you disappoint your customer enough times, no amount of discounts, glossy brochures, TV ads, etc. will win their business back.

Simplistic, I know, but if you don’t address this on the front end, it’s one of those things that just happens. Your baser business instincts take over if you don’t have a guiding principle to pursue. You will cut costs to your own detriment or compromise quality to serve the bottom line. A principle or set of principles that you know, or believe or have proven, can make money will stand between you and those kinds of mistakes.

All of this is tied intrinsically to your branding, because you MUST be able to deliver what you promise. That’s what will confirm your credibility. Get that down, then tell the world about it.