EDDM is a cutting edge service that allows businesses to once again employ direct mail campaigns affordably and effectively. It lowers the cost of traditional direct mail by half!

Every Door Direct Mail enables you to extend your customer reach via saturation mail without the need for mailing lists, permits, and the associated fees. With Every Door Direct Mail, you create a saturation mailing without applying individual names and addresses to each mailpiece.

You can use Every Door Direct Mail to:
•Target a location without an address list
•Send out local mailings or national campaigns
•Build more traffic
•Find new customers
•Drive traffic to your website
•Increase revenue
•Reduce mail preparation costs

Who can benefit from Every Door Direct Mail?
•Auto dealerships
•Arts organizations
•Business services
•Dry cleaners


Call us to design your mail piece and put together a marketing plan for your business that will target your most likely customers.

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