11 Print Marketing Ideas

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Your print media is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to establish your brand and get your message out – strangely enough, we can help you with any of these ideas. Design attractive business cards: Hand out your business card to anyone who may need to contact you. Give those close to you, business wise or personally a few business cards so they can hand them out when they meet someone in need of your product. Always have your business cards with you. Place a special offer or product information on the back of your business cards. Give a client a few extra business cards with...

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Marketing for the Proletariat

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Proletariat – there’s a term you don’t hear much today. It’s a word used in Marxist theory to denote a citizen of the lowest class – a working stiff if you will. It’s also the tag line we use for our marketing and media creation company: marketing for the proletariat What’s it got to do with marketing? Well nothing that Marx would recognize, but to us it identifies us as a group of working stiffs finding better, smarter and more effective ways to promote your organization, build your brand and drive sales. To wit; Here is a compiled list of overĀ 74...

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